Why do I blog?

Why do I blog?  Confessions of  a Gypsy Journalist….

Decent enough of a question…. I would not consider myself an expert or deeply committed to many subject matters…. Well not enough to earn a Masters or Ph.d; I am committed to learning, gaining new experiences and documenting life through the camera lens and that my friends is why I blog…. it is my way of staying connected and constantly finding ways to challenge myself intellectually without committing myself to another 4-8 years of collegiate hell…. for now. Initially, I started this blog with the intent to better understand the area in which I currently reside and promote local arts of  The Hampton Roads of Virginia, it was a great project but I quickly grew bored with my subject matter and hit yet another road block. Occasionally opportunities came up for me to do some professional work as a freelance photographer in journalism. Those experiences helped me to realize that “Abrownaroundtown” was not a dead concept but in fact needed more time to mature professionally as did I!

What would I talk about? How could I expand and engage an audience outside of this region? So I am doing just that, I am taking time to build my concept as a serious “Gypsy” Journalist ! My “town” is now relative to the place I am at the moment  physically and mentally.The Town is my global backyard and the ideas,people, events, culture and news that keep me intellectually engaged. Of course this means I will be traveling WAAAYYY more!


2 Responses to “Why do I blog?”
  1. ECVtalks says:

    So does this mean Jacksonville might be on the travel list eventually say during One Spark next year? A lot of intellectually stimulating things there.


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