The Reward System…. Titans of Monkey Bars and Watering Holes

Think back to a time were the most important social contracts & reputations were established over an appointed 20-30 minute timespan of bliss and free time from an arduous academic routine, aptly coined recess…..     Who was the kid that always captained kickball or any other playground sport?     Which kid had all of the … Continue reading

Never Forget You – Noisettes

I just used Shazam share Never Forget You by Noisettes. Thinking back to a time when someone  dared to awaken my #mischevious side & take it for a ride…. ***I would chase my  dbl shot of #makersmark whiskey w/ #PabstBlueribbon w/#lime (redneck on the beach) you’d sneer and #chase w/ a #newcastle….  #reminiscing lol … Continue reading

Breakfast of a Champion…. #PositiveMentalAttitude

  …… “You Are what YOU eat” / “You Are what YOU THINK”…. The worst thing about the morning sometime, is waking up cranky and hungry! Hunger…. I understand…. after all I did just spend the past 8hrs in a period of “fasting”. The bad mood is what bothers me…. obviously I allowed myself to … Continue reading

Directions pt.1

The past four years since my arrival to the Hampton Roads, has been like a defective turbine fraught with one service challenge after another. Considering the professional pitfalls experienced, I have maintained, to the best of my abilities, a fairly optimistic outlook in regards to my professional, psychological and personal life (which I have come … Continue reading

The Princess and the Mammy (revised)

She was the “princess”; her momma always had told her so. After watching some Disney movie, her mother had taken both her and her little sister to a thrift store and bought them ball gowns to play in for dress-up. The idea of buying a fa dress to play in was foreign to me. I … Continue reading