Breakfast of a Champion…. #PositiveMentalAttitude

looking in a mirror is not an invitation to bash your wonderful body!!

looking in a mirror is not an invitation to bash your wonderful body!!


…… “You Are what YOU eat” / “You Are what YOU THINK”….

The worst thing about the morning sometime, is waking up cranky and hungry! Hunger…. I understand…. after all I did just spend the past 8hrs in a period of “fasting”. The bad mood is what bothers me…. obviously I allowed myself to internalize/feed on the negativity & disappointments of the day  before going to sleep. I went to bed angry & woke up unresolved ….

      The #dilemma & reality check

It is irrational to think that by sitting 1.alone in my apartment mulling over my status’ in life 2.angry at the flippant disrespect shown to me by my employer and myself for allowing it, 3.vowing/ bargaining with myself and God to become my boss “if only”, meanwhile fighting back a mega-storm of 4.depression looming ominously over the horizon, is going to solve anything. Through healthy #self-awareness I acknowledge that YES, I am dissatisfied personally AND professionally! As a result, I can 5.accept the reality & limitations  of my situation & begin healthy productive hopefully speedy coping and recovery

[ ::boom:: yes for the alert, Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross #5Stagesofgrief!]


   …..#FOOD, its what gets you going!!!!! ….. 

A few months ago I joined a  local fitness Boot Camp, not because I simply wanted to lose weight, but I wanted & needed a #lifestyle #change. I quickly learned, if I ever wanted to see fruits of my labor, (I needed to eat fruits lol)  I would HAVE  to #change my eating habits and eat with the #INTENT of producing #POSITIVE results/ #QUALITY of my food choices  dictate success! Can I not apply that logic my #emotional #health?….. After all day-to-day interactions influence mood…. What steps can I take to #prevent myself from internalizing/eating negativity?

The PIC….. Why did I chose this image?

So, now here I stand hungry and pissed off,  in front of a chic; frowning, giving minimal eye contact & sending out some mega-stank attitude….. Now I am more mad and thinking to myself “Chick you don’t know me, I will flip on you!” !

Ridiculous? Well duh, I am getting mad at my mirror image reflecting MY BAD ATTITUDE! The point that needs taken is that I AM my first contact in the morning…. So if I wake up in a bad mood, I DON’T look in that mirror and piss myself off more…. I read & meditate over a positive Bible verse, #YouTube at a funny cat video, EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST, JOG. Whatever you CHOOSE to do, DON’T let that chic in the mirror feed you her left over #NegativeMentalAttitude for breakfast!


























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