• Amber M.Brown

    I am probably out finding some trouble to get into just so I can tell you all about it tomorrow!!!!!

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The Reward System…. Titans of Monkey Bars and Watering Holes

Think back to a time were the most important social contracts & reputations were established over an appointed 20-30 minute time span of bliss and free time from an arduous academic routine, aptly coined recess…..     Who was the kid that always captained kickball or any other playground sport? Which kid had all of the … Continue reading

The Princess and the Mammy (revised)

She was the “princess”; her momma always had told her so. After watching some Disney movie, her mother had taken both her and her little sister to a thrift store and bought them ball gowns to play in for dress-up. The idea of buying a fancy dress to play in was foreign to me. I … Continue reading

Do not discredit the camera phone!

For the past week I have been on vacation in St.Thomas. For anyone that has ever been to this or any other tropical destination, you may agree that when factoring in natural light, exotic scenery (man made and nature) and the need to document the experience, photo’s pretty much take themselves! Well that is if … Continue reading

Nashville “outlaws”, Humps and the blackouts… live at Hoss’ Deli Newport News VA

Good day to the blog world! I am back in action! Kick starting my return, I interviewed traveling favorites Humps and The Blackouts at Hoss’ Deli in Newport News, VA. I was ecstatic to finally have the opportunity meet with these “outlaw” musicians, while they were in town visiting from Nashville, TN. I actually had … Continue reading

“I love the way you are”, Hampton Roads reggae fest 2012

I decided to venture out to the 2nd annual Hampton Roads reggae fest at the Hampton Coliseum this past Saturday. It was a real treat. My good friend Clementine joined me on my adventure of seeking out positive vibrations in our locale. The event lasted the entire day and it was enjoyed by young and … Continue reading

Keepin it Iree… While groovin to the world beat sounds of Destination Zion!

A week ago, I was sent an invite on Facebook to check out a friend’s band at Hoss’ Deli in Newport News. Typically these requests go ignored, because of the over flow of cover artists in this area. Unless the band is ‘Me First and the Gimme Gimmes’, (I am not sure that they are … Continue reading

A remedy for lack of culture shock!

About a year and a half after I graduated from college my mother gave a me a call that would change my life….the conversation went something like this: Mom: So you are out of college now what are you doing with your life?! ME: ehhh…going with the flow considering grad school. Mom: You’re an adult … Continue reading